1§ Scope and Provider

1. These TOS apply to all orders made with:

Whitewing Creations

Executive Director:

Verena Pfister

Am Europakanal 7

91056 Erlangen


2. The product range is exclusively aimed at customers who have reached the age of 18 years or older.

3. Contract language is exclusively German and / or English.


§2 Contract Conclusion

1. Issuing a request to acquire a quote, does not bind you in any contract with us.

2. A purchase contract is concluded only after both parties have signed the contract and the customer has received an order confirmation.


§3 Prices 

1. The prices we offered in the quotation include German VAT and other price components such as fur.

2. The price does not include any shipping costs, import VAT and customs fees, which may apply when shipping abroad. We have no influence on these costs. These costs are to be paid by the customer and are not part of the quote.

3. The total amount can be split into two (2) payments. The first down payment, which is 50% of the quote, must be paid within seven (7) days after having received confirmation that the order has been received. The down payment that is deposited will not be refunded, even after the contract is cancelled prematurely. The remaining payment must be paid within seven (7) days after the fursuit has been completed.

4. If the full amount is paid in one payment, 50% of the amount will be not refunded if the buyer cancels the contract prematurely.


§4 Payment Terms; Delay

1. These payment methods are available:

   - Bank transfer (within SEPA countries only)

   - PayPal (abroad)

2. If the buyer chooses to use the bank transfer option, we will give you our bank details in the purchase contract. The invoice amount must be transferred to our bank account within seven (7) days after signing the purchase contract.

3. When paying with PayPal, you will receive an invoice. The invoice amount must be transferred to our PayPal account within seven (7) days after signing the purchase contract.

4. If you fail to pay the invoice payment within the seven (7) days, your contract with us will be dissolved. Down payment deposits made to us, will not be refunded.

5. Fees arising from the payment are to be paid by the customer.


§5 Delivery; Retention of Property 

1. Unless otherwise arranged, the goods will be delivered to the address specified by you.

2. Delivery times may vary depending on the specifications of the goods (fursuit or fursuit pieces), and are not always exact.

3. Orders are available to customers worldwide, additional costs such as import VAT and customs fees may apply. We have no influence on these costs. These costs are to be paid by the customer and are not part of the offer/cost estimate.

4. The goods will remain our property until full payment is received.


§6 Countermand 

1. There is no right of countermand according to § 312g Abs. 2 Nr. 1 BGB (German Civil Law) for the purchase of a unique individual tailored product.


§7 Transport Damage 

1. If goods (fursuit) arrive damaged, please contact the delivery service provider (UPS, FedEx etc.) about said damages caused to the fursuit and contact us immediately. Please be aware that we are not liable for any damages that occur during transport. 


§8 Warranty 

1. A 90-day warranty comes with the goods (fursuit), this covers repairs for manufacturing defects.

2. It is recommended to inspect the goods immediately for quality and quantity issues and to notify us of obvious defects within seven (7) days after receiving the goods.

3. After the 90 days have passed you can still to use our paid repair service for any repair needs, please refer to the >“fursuit-repair”< guide.


§9 Liability

1. We are not responsible for any damage caused by wearer(s), objects placed onto and environments used.

2. We are not responsible for allergic reactions and or illnesses to materials used, such as faux fur, cleaning supplies etc.

3. During wearing; visibility is limited, the suit can get very warm and the ability to move becomes limited. (Drinking enough water is recommended) Bear in mind the risks of wearing the suit in a safe and conservative manner.

September, 2020