Fursuit Maintenance

After wearing

Lay head open to air out so that ears are not subjected to stress


Leave Fursuit open for airing out until dry


Spray with an antibacterial disinfectant spray from the inside. (Not on the fur side)

We Found Sagrotan Hygiene-Spray works best.


Allow coarse dirt in fur to dry and then brush it out


Rubber soles are wiped with a damp cloth or rag


When turning the Fursuit inside-out, do not pull on the paddings but grab into the fur


It's recommended to use a brush with metal bristles, as the fur can become statically charged when using a plastic bristle brush


Brush along the direction of the fur


Hang the Fursuit on a wide hanger


Do not store in direct sunlight


Store in a dry place at room temperature

Do not store in an odor-intense environment

Periodically tighten the screws on the Moving Jaw 


Hand wash with gentle detergent and water at 30 degrees, preferably in a bathtub


After washing, rinse well with clean water until no more soapy water drains from the Fursuit


Let it dry on a clothes stand


While drying, brush the fur several times over a period of several Days


When the Fursuit is almost dry, hang on the clothes hanger and brush with a brush in the direction of the fur